Monday, June 1, 2009

Expat Power 2009

Arabian Business featured the Gulf's 50 Most Influential Expatriates, in their May 24-30, 2009 edition. (Vol 10 | Issue 21).Their editorial 'Time to Celebrate Expat Achievement' dubs these men (yep all of the fifty influential expats are M-E-N), as the "expat elite: they sit with sheiks and consort with kings".

Arabian Business lists the methodology of their Expat Power listing, but I am still perturbed that not a single woman was featured on the list. The methodology may have favored men, but then again, if these players, as the magazine suggests "sit with sheikhs and consort with kings" (the phrase is a little sensationalist, if you ask me), it makes sense that a male is more likely to make it to the top because he is welcome to mingle in the majlis.

That said, it would be interesting to know how many men follow their wives to the Gulf, in order to take a top position in the flourishing economy of the GCC. Also, how many women of the "influential expat" men actually work? How successful are they? Or are most stay at home wives, who are enjoying the lassaiz fair lifestyle of the Gulf?

Anyhow, Martin Newland, Editor in Chief of The National features on the list (No. 10!)- Wohoo.
The top expat players? Here are the Top 5:

1- Jean Paul Villain, Head of Strategy, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (France)
2-Tony Burman, Managing Director, Al Jazeera English (Canada)
3- James Hogan, CEO, Etihad Airways (Australia)
4- Kenneth Shen, Head of Strategy, Qatar Investment Authority (United States)
5- Rick Pudner, CEO, Emirates NBD (United Kingdom).

See the full ranking here.

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