Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recession? What Recession?

I was at Marina Mall (Abu Dhabi) yesterday, and as I walked past Gucci, I immediately did a double take. Usually I do so because a fabulous new bag is on display, but this time it was different. For starters, there were NO bags on the window display, which can be explained by the following:
There were hoards of women (and men) waiting outside the store. Even more people inside. Apparently, Gucci and the rest of the Al Tayer/Amber group stores started a massive 2-day discount extravaganza (the amount of discount varied depending on the store).
Gucci had 50 percent off everything, and the place really resembled a souk, rather than a luxury retail store. They had some store assitants "regulate" traffic by closing the doors at regular intervals.

Women were grabbing as many Gucci handbags as their hands and personal shopper assistants (aka housemaids) could carry once they were inside.
It was a little amusing, and all I could think of was: Recession? What Recession?

But then again, it could be the other way round, and the recession is actually making these people go head over heals over discounted luxury items (which we all know, is a necessity in this part of town. *Please read with sarcasm*).
My job is done here because a picture is really worth a thousand words. So here's two thousand words for your guys:

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