Thursday, May 21, 2009

UNFAIR magazine?

What's in a name? I just came across an e-flyer on facebook (see above) announcing a focus group event that is being hosted by a soon-to-be-launched Abu Dhabi-based magazine called (wait for it,guys)...UNFAIR. Seriously.

Besides the curious choice for a name, the people in charge of the magazine are hosting an event this Saturday (May 23, 2009) at the Shelter in Al Qouz to better understand their target readers: Arab women.

A quick sidetrack: I've never heard of the Shelter before, but apparently it is a warehouse that now serves the artsy community of Dubai and hosts some interesting events and lectures (in what seems a truley exquisite environment). I've just browsed their website, and have just added it to my 'to go' list. The place is the brainchild of the Bin Shabib brothers- the same Dubai-ian young folks who started Brown Book magazine (another interesting production from these two brothers).

Anyway, the magazine (not Brownbook. UNFAIR) is expected to launch in September, by the new media hub Two Four 54 (owned by Abu Dhabi Media Authority), and so magazine peeps are hoping to pick your brains on what you'd like to see in this new publication.

You should attend, if you are an Arab woman or are interested in regional women's issues, and contribute to the discussion. Maybe ask them why they chose such an obscure name- one that will definitley reinforce preconceived streotypes on the state of Arab women in the region, perhaps. Unless they have a very compelling reason for such a provocative choice.

Here's a map for Shelter ( to save you from the stressful maze that is Dubai construction).


Anonymous said...

I want to see Shelter too! I'd love to work/play in a place like that...abu dhabi is so behind in things like that.

Thoese brothers are cool!

Anonymous said...

I actually went to the focus group event yesterday (fri), and that place is really one of a kind.
My curiosity has been quenched- for now. :)

Alia said...

This magazine is a disgrace! i had sent the team responsible for this an email and have met with the Chief Editor explaining to her the stigma that is attached to such a name. Needless to say, they didn’t take anything that i said into consideration - after all why should they considering i AM their target audience.

btw - the focus group was a disaster - they didn’t want people's opinion on the magazine, they used that as a platform to promote their magazine! everyone was bashing the name and they took it as an offence and defended it. Ridiculous!

im calling for a total boycott of their magazine! pitch fork and torches! the works