Monday, May 25, 2009

Needed: Air

I had to drive to Al Ain today for a job, and noticed that I was gasping for air there, much more than I do in Abu Dhabi.

While we can all agree that 50 degrees Celcius (that's 122 degrees Fareinheit for the American folks) is unbearable under any circumstances, the arid humid-free air of Al Ain somehow felt so..dry, which in turn made me much more aware of my dehydration and the scorching heat.
While I didn't sweat (erm, I mean, glisten) bucketloads like I would have, courtesy of Abu Dhabi humidity, I have a feeling someone mositure in the air is probably a "good" thing.

As I was gasping for air getting into my car, I was also gasping at the reading on my car "thermometor". See for yourself.

I was consoled when I turned on the AC, and felt the rush of heat slowly turn into cool air. I wonder what consoles the poor laborers who miraculously survive the harsh climate we have in the UAE.

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