Thursday, December 18, 2008

Something to do in Dubai...

...besides mall-hopping.

The weather is more than bearable in the UAE right now. Actually, it even gets (dare I say) chilly at night. If you are looking for something to do in Dubai on a lazy Saturday afternoon, why not visit Al Bastakiya's new outdoor market. Capitalize on the beautiful (and sometimes, lazy) weather, and don't forget to bring some cash, too (if the economic downtown hasn't dried up your funds yet).

With this year being earmarked the year of National Identity, shouldn't we do our part? Why not start by actually visiting one of the hidden gems of Dubai city: Al Bastakiya is one of Dubai's most interesting heritage districts. A lot of the architecture and homes that are nestled in this area of Bur Dubai are over 100 years old, but have, of course, been refurbished to attract visitors.
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The market at Al Bastakiya will accomodate over 50 vendors that will be selling artsy accessories, including arts and crafts, jewelery, (even clothes!) from Dubai-based designers and indie boutiques. There will also be live outdoor music and a cafe at one of the courtyards of the neighbourhood. Think of it as a Farmer's market-cum-flea market a la Dubai glamour.

Ditch the hassle of Mall of the Emirates for the weekend, and opt for an easy breezy afternoon strolling through Al Bastakiya. The market is open from 10am to sunset, every Saturday. And for all you parking-skeptics: don't worry! Free valet parking is available at the market.

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